Flight analysis

The analysis page

The analysis page provides an intuitive way of visualizing and analyzing flight data. It is designed to work in conjunction with the map pane and shares a number of features with it, such as annotations. To view the page click on the Analysis tab of the flight page.

To specify the flight performance the analysis page displays data for, select the desired task from the Task selector on the top of the page. You can also change what part of the flight's data is shown, as well as the types of various reports by clicking on the selection buttons on the top right of the page.

Selection reports

Depending on what is selected, the analysis page will display a report summarizing the attributes of the selection, the following reports are available:

The task report shows the basic metrics of the task. In addition, a visual summary of the task legs are shown.

The top segments of the task leg are sized proportionally to the distance of each leg, while the bottom segments are sized proportionally to the time taken to complete each, giving a quick visual indication of where time and distance was made. Above each segment is the average LD for the glides of each segment while bellow the average thermal strength (MC value) is listed in addition to the time taken to complete the leg.

To access more information for the legs, press the + button on the top right of the report to expand the task legs table.


Flight timeline

The flight timeline summerizes the various segments of the flight in a symbolic representation.

Each segment type or flight milestone is represented by a specific shape and is descibed by key flight data. The line connecting each segment with the next one varies according to the size of the individual segment.

To get more information on a segment, click on its box to show the corresponding segment chart. For an explanation of segment charts, please see the flight segments annotation documentation.

Annotation reports

Depending on the types of annotations you have created on the map panel, you may be able to see corresponding annotation reports on the analysis page. These reports may be influenced by the specified task and selection you have chosen on the analysis page.

For more information on annotation reports, please view the annotations documentation.