Flight segments

The flight segments annotation helps visualize the various phases of a flight by breaking them down into individual logical segments. Each segment shows key information about that section of the flight. It also provides an easy way to analyze flight performance for that section in more detail.

The following types of segments are supported:

A glide represents a segment of the flight in which the sailplane has been proceeding on course. The evaluation algorithm will break longer sections of a glide into smaller logical sections by sensing small changes in course.

A thermal is a flight segment of circling flight. The algorithm will separate separate thermals into different segments when a change in thermaling direction or a large correction in position occurs, allowing you to better view the results of such flight decisions.

A try is a search for a thermal which has not progressed to thermaling. The evaluation algorithm will create a try segment when circling flight has not progressed beyond a full turn.

Map panel view

To turn on the flight segment annotation in map view, click the button on the map panel toolbar.

You may control which types of flight segments are shown as well as what data is displayed for them. Please note that in the interest of clarity when displaying LD data, the LD value will be replaced by average climb when LD is too big a number or negative (i.e. positive climb average).

For glides, you have the option of hiding glides under a specific length by entering the required distance on the "Min glide length" setting.

To hide the segment annotation from the map, press the X button, Please note that you can only have one segment annotation per flight.

To view further information about an individual segment, click on its box on the map.

The Chart button will display the chart for the selected segment. The button will move the glider cursor to the current segment start position.

Analysis page view

The flight segment annotation will show on the analysis page under the "Flight timeline" section.

Depending on the type of segment, the following information will show:

Clicking on a segment box will show the corresponding chart for the segment.

For more information, please see the flight timeline documentation.

Thermal chart

The thermal chart shows the following variables against the number of turns in a thermal:

Instead of time, the x-value of the plot is expressed in thermal turns, allowing for a better understanding of the thermal geometry.

Glide chart

The glide chart shows the following variables against time:

Try chart

The try chart shows the following variables against time: