Range rings

Range rings allow you to quickly visualize gliding range from a particular location. You can either specify a particular fix of a flight or simply select a point on the map and specify the desired altitude.

To create a range ring first select the icon from the map pane toolbar to activate the range rings annotation tool. You may then specify the required parameters:

You may then either click on a location on the map or press OK to select the current glider cursor location and altitude.

The range rings drawn on the map indicate the altitude at which you will reach the specified points on each circle.

You may create as many range rings as you like on a single map. To show further details about a range rings annotation, click its marker to display the info popup. You may then select Edit to alter its parameters and pressing OK to update the drawing, or press the button to move the ring to the current glider cursor location and altitude.

To delete a ring press the X button on its dialog. You may need to first select the corresponding range rings annotation by clicking on its marker and selecting Edit.