Flight management


Basic concepts: working with flights

When you upload a flight log file, the system will create a flight and evaluate the log data for flight performances. It will then update your statistics, crosscountry pilot ranking score, FAI badge information and so-forth. You may then attach various additional information and media to the flight, such as images, a description for the flight (i.e. flight blog) by going to the flight page and editing the relevant sections.

If you choose to then delete a flight, all of this information, along with the relevant scores, pilot ranking, statistics and badge contributions will also be erased from the system.

Please note that a flight as well as any media you add to it (e.g. pictures, flight blog) are by default visible to everyone on the website.

To help you manage access to flights and their effects on your personal pilot profile, three levels of flight access are available:

A public flight is visible to everyone and will count towards your ranking score, statistics and badges.

A private flight and its associated content will only be visible to you. It will not count towards your pilot ranking score, badge profile, or public pilot statistics, but will be included in private statistics and functions such as the pilot logbook

A 3rd-party flight is only visible to you and will not count towards any of your statistics, public or private. Typically, this type of flight setting is used for flights by another person you wish to upload for analysis or other purposes.

Please note that when you change a flight's flight access level, all associated changes to your profile and statistics will immediately take effect in addition to the change of the flight's visibility to others.

There are a number of additional settings for a flight, such as flight time type or launch method, that influence how the flight is accounted for in various functions such as the pilot logbook.

The flights panel

To view the flights panel, click on the My files menu option and selected the Flight tab.

The flights panel provides an efficient way of browsing, searching, editing and organizing your flight collection.

Uploading flights

To upload a flight you can click the Upload flight button which is available on the top right of every page after you have logged in. This will take you to the upload page.

You can press the Choose Files button (the title or the button depends on the browser type) to select files or simply drag and drop files from your file explorer onto the browser window. Once you do this, the browser will read the file to determine its type and list its properties. You can choose multiple files at once or add files a few at a time to the upload list. You may also remove an unwanted file by clicking the X button.

If the sailplane type cannot be determined by the information provided by the logger, you will need to specify the sailplane type manually. To select a sailplane type for more than one entry, use the "Set sailplane" selector at the top and press the Unselected button to set the value for all flights with unassigned type, or All flights to override the selected settings for all flights.

You may also select the access type for each flight by selecting or unselecting  the corresponding button for each flight ( for private or or using the access buttons at the to to set values for all flights.

To complete the upload press the Add button for the corresponding flight, or the Add all files button to complete the upload for all remaining files. A progress bar will show the progress of the upload for each file. Once a file is uploaded, the progress bar will be replaced by a link to the corresponding flight page. Please note that it may take up to a minute (depending on system load) for a flight to be evaluated.

Please note that the advanced upload page may not be available on every type of device, or in older browsers which do not support HTML5 technology. In those instances, the normal page will be replaced by a simple upload where you will only be able to upload a single file at a time. If you are using a PC, Mac or Linux computer and fail to get the advanced upload page, it is recommended you update your browser version, or failing that use a current version of Chrome or Firefox to take advantage of the full capabilities of the site. Both these browsers are well supported throughout all current platforms and operating systems.

Viewing and editing flight properties

Each flight is represented by a box displaying a summary of the flight's properties.

You will notice that some buttons may have a colored strip in the right side of the box. These colours highlight specific properties of the flight:

To go to a flight page, lick the button and a new page will open for the flight. For flights that have such content, the image gallery button and flight blog button will link you directly to those pages.

You will notice that one flight box is always highlighted. This is the active flight and any function you perform (such as select, edit, delete etc) will be performed on this flight. You may select the active flight by clicking on a flight box, or by navigating the flight boxes with the arrow keys.

To perform an action on the active flight, such as delete, view, etc, select the desired action from the Flights menu, or press the corresponding keyboard shortcut (e.g. V to open the flight in a new window).

To view a detailed summary of a flight as well as edit selected flight properties, such as access, time type, launch method, co-pilot etc, double click on a flight (or press the ENTER key for the active flight) to bring up the flight properties panel.

On the top right of the panel are the shortcut buttons:

The left side panel includes key flight information, most of which you can edit. If you make any modifications, make sure to press OK before exiting to save the information. Any modifications you make here will not have any impact on the performance evaluation for the flight. Please note that you may not set Flight time directly. Do do this you must specify a Takeoff time and a Landing time.

Among the editable options are Time type and Launch method. In order to properly keep track of your log time in the pilot logbook, you must ensure that the correct choices are selected. The evaluation algorithm always tries to detect the launch method, but in certain cases, this may not be possible or may result in the wrong launch type. You may specify a default launch method in the logbook settings, for flights where the algorithm fails to detect a method or correct am erroneous value here.

You can also view and edit these flight parameters in the pilot logbook.

The Flight access option defines how a flight is treated by the system. Normally these settings will be specified on file upload time, or in the My files page, but they may be set here as well:

To exit the details pane without saving any changes click Cancel, anywhere in the border around the flight panel or press the ESC key.

Searching and filtering flights

You may specify which flights are displayed in the flights panel according to the following search criteria:

To select a specific time period, click the button. Once a period is selected, the button label displays the period chosen.

You may further filter the flight results according to the following criteria, by pressing the button:

To activate a specific filter, unselect the "All" option of the corresponding filter and choose the desired option or options.

The "Flight" option allows you to either search all flights available or look in a specific flight list. To search a specific flight list, unselect the "All" option and choose the name of the list from the "Flight list" selector. If you select the "Recently uploaded" flight list, you may additionally specify the number of flights to include.

To perform the search, please click the Update button after selecting the desired period and filter criteria.

To save the results of a search as a new flight list, you may then select all flights (ctrl+A or "Select All" from the Flights menu) and then select "New list" from the Lists menu (or press the N key). To compete the process, specify a name for the list and ensure that "Create from the current view" is selected. For more information see the flight lists section.

Organizing flights into lists

Organizing flights into flight lists makes it easier to find the flights you are looking for. This is similar to the way you may organize log files in separate folders on your computer drive, but with one major difference: you are able to add a flight to as many different lists as you like. In this respect, flight lists are similar to playlists you may create to organize your songs.

To display the flights in a particular flight list select it from the Flight list selector in the top right of the panel.

To see which flight list is currently being displayed, you can see the "Flights" title on the top left of the panel. This will either be the name of the flight list or "Custom search" if the results of a search are being displayed.

The "Recently uploaded" list is displayed when you first load the Flights page. This is a special list which automatically updates to the last 20 files you have uploaded to the system. Unlike most lists which will sort flights according to flight date, this list will sort flights according to date uploaded.

There are a number of additional special lists created for your convenience, "All" which will display all flights, as well as a list for each category of flight access type (Public, Private, 3rd party). You may create as many flight lists as you like but contrary to these special lists that will automatically update their contents according to the specified properties, each custom list you create will contain only the files you explicitly add to it.

To create a new list select "New list" from the Lists menu or press the N key. This will allow you to create a new list containing the selection of flights currently displayed or to create a blank list.

To add a flight to the list click on it (or activate it with the arrow keys) and select "Add to list" or press the INS key. A dialog will appear under allowing you to select the destination list, or to create a new list to contain this flight. To remove a flight from the current list, select "Remove from list" from the Flights menu or press the Del key.

To add or remove a number of flights at once, you may first select them and then perform the desired operation on the entire selection. You may select all flights with the "Select All" option of the Flights menu or withe Ctrl+A key shortcut. You can also select or unselect items individually with the "Select/Unselect" option or / key. There are also additional selection options in the Flights menu (Clear selection, invert selection). Once you have selected the desired flights, choose the desired option from the Flights menu (e.g. "Add selected to list") to compete the operation.

You can also add flights from other persons in to your flight lists (i.e. bookmark other persons' flights), creating easy access to some of your favorite flights. To do so select the Add to button which appears in the top right of the flight page you want to add and selected the desired flight list.

Please note that for the Add to button to be displayed, you must be logged in.

The Lists menu allows you to manage your lists. From here you can create new lists, rename a list or delete a list.

Please note that when you delete a flighty list you are not actually deleting the flights, but just the particular flight list grouping. To delete a flight you must select the flight and press "Delete flight" from the Flights menu. Conversely, when you delete a flight, this flight will be removed from all flight lists that contain it.